Project Description

Poverty in Tanzania is endemic. Ranked 204 out of 230 nations in the world for GDP per capita, as a nation Tanzania is unable to provide its children with a quality education. The government school system is overstretched, under-resourced, and produces poor educational outcomes for Tanzanian society.

The School of St Jude provides a free, high-quality education to children who — due to poverty and social pressures — would otherwise be unlikely to complete their schooling.

Drawn from families who often live on less than $1.25 per day, the pupils of St Jude’s are shining examples of what students can achieve when they are given the opportunity to receive a quality education.

Since 2002 the School of St Jude’s has added 150 students to the school each year and in 2015 the first senior class from The School of St Jude graduated from Form 6.  Since then they have seen several more cohorts follow suit. They are working towards a model that supports their students through tertiary education and completing the mission to create the next generation of Tanzanian leaders.

Regular donations from the NDY Charitable Trust are currently supporting the education of two primary school students; Vanessa and Flaviana.

The NDY Charitable Trust are also very proud of the two recent graduates we sponsored through the Beyond St Jude’s Program – Joseph and Seraphina.  Both Joseph and Seraphina graduated from the University of Dar es Salaam.

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