September 2021 saw the NDY Charitable Trust host its first online raffle.  The raffle was a huge success and raised $5,860 which was donated to the School of St Jude.  These funds were used by the School to support its unsponsored students.

“To express our immense gratitude, we have recorded a short video of our students for you to see firsthand the impact your wonderful donation is making.

With your blessings, we have put your wonderful donation towards supporting our Unsponsored Student Fund. Our school is growing fast but sadly, the effects of COVID-19, and the halt of international travel means we have lost many sponsors and visitors. You are helping to bridge the gap by covering the costs in the areas we need it most!

Your generous support makes sure each student whose academic scholarship is not fully sponsored receives everything they need to be happy, healthy, and ready to learn, including:

  • Hot, nutritious meals
  • Safe and reliable transport
  • Brand new school and boarding uniforms
  • Quality learning resources
  • Comfortable boarding accommodation
  • Access to information technology and science labs

And so much more…

You are giving hope and changing the world for our unsponsored students. This cohort will continue to receive a free, quality education at St Jude’s, and we can’t thank you enough for helping them write their stories of hope and determination. Additionally I have recorded a short video of one of our unsponsored student who I came across, when I visited the Smith campus last week. Click here to watch the video and see how ambitious she is through the brief conversation I had with her. I hope you enjoy watching the video J.

Sam, Jean and all at Norman Disney & Young, we couldn’t possibly do what we do without wonderful supporters like you in our corner. Together we are breaking the cycle of poverty through education. We hope that you and all your loved ones remain safe and healthy.

From all of us at St Jude’s, we wish you a great week ahead.