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The Trust is committed to giving back to the community and aims to make a difference through the combined efforts of our people, and financial support from NDY staff and management.

When considering charities for donations the Trust’s committee use the following criteria for guidance:

  • Assist charities which have a synergy with our business – an example might be aid work which requires our skills
  • Value for money in terms of the benefit provided to the charity we support – a focus on charities that deliver tangible outcomes for those they aim to help
  • Charities which are supported by NDY Staff and have good support from the office involved
  • Charities which have a low overhead
  • In the case of third world countries, charities which have a strong track record of delivering
  • Focus on specific programmes of work delivered by the charity rather than undefined donations to the charity.

NDY Employee Donations

NDY staff are actively encouraged to support the work of the Trust by giving their time and support to some of the projects which the Trust supports. 
If you are an NDY employee, you can donate to the Trust through payroll deduction/salary sacrifice by visiting the NDY Trust information portal on My NDY. 

We cannot accept public donations.