Project Description

Vimba is a grass roots African charity established in 2007 and registered in the UK in 2008.

Literally translated as ‘hope’ in Shona (Zimbabwe’s native language) Vimba is apolitical and purely focused on raising funds to assist designated projects throughout Zimbabwe, typically in the rural areas where the most vulnerable and destitute communities reside.

With the highest child mortality rate in the world, one in five children orphaned, and one of the shortest average life expectancies in the world, Zimbabwe is home to one of the greatest global humanitarian crises. Severe droughts, human rights violations and a lack of foreign investment and support have contributed to the escalating situation.

Vimba’s goals and aims are to:

  • Build or restore existing feeding centres/crèches and classrooms,
  • Create a safe environment where children can learn
  • Provide one nutritional meal a day
  • Provide access to clean water
  • Create sustainability by getting the community involved in the projects.
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