Project Description

The NDY Charitable Trust have been sponsoring Vanessa since 2017, which was at the start of her St Jude’s journey.  Vanessa is currently a student at the Sisia Primary Campus of St Jude’s.

Vanessa and her family live in Imbaseni, an old agricultural area near Usa River.  Vanessa‘s family home is constructed of wood.  Like many other Tanzanian dwellings, their home has no internal plumbing – buckets of water for cooking, drinking, washing and cleaning are collected from a nearby tap a ten-minute walk away.  Vanessa’s home also doesn’t have electricity – light is usually provided by a kerosene lamp and meals are prepared outdoors over a wood fire.

To support the family, Vanessa’s father and mother work as farmers on the land behind their house.  Vanessa’s family grow maize, beans, bananas and vegetables.

More about Vanessa!
  • Favourite Colour: Orange

  • Favourite Animal: Goat

  • Favourite Food: Ndizi (Ndizi is the Kiswahili word for banana. In Tanzania, green bananas are used in savoury cooking, and are starchy and potato-like in texture).

  • What is your favourite subject? Mathematics and Science

  • Why are you proud to be Tanzanian? Tanzania is peaceful

  • What is the best thing about St Jude so far? Free education and learning English

  • What ECA are you doing this year? Maths club

  • Who would you like to be when you grow up? A doctor

  • What are the three things that you are best at? Reading, giving first aid, and helping others

  • What have you learned about the world so far? I learned about preventing myself and my community from COVID-19 virus