Project Description

Seraphina and her family hail from the Unga Limited neighbourhood which is one of the poorest and most densely populated areas within central Arusha in Tanzania.

Like most Tanzanian dwellings, Seraphina’s family home has no internal plumbing – buckets of water for cooking, drinking, washing and cleaning are collected from a tap fifteen minutes’ walk away.

In February 2013, Seraphina was invited to apply for a St Jude’s scholarship because of her outstanding marks in Form 4 national exams.  A testament to her tenacity and intelligence. After academic tests, a personal interview and a comprehensive assessment of the family’s financial circumstances, Seraphina was welcomed into the School of St Jude from Form 5.

After graduating from St Jude’s, Seraphina volunteered and participated in a year of community service—mentoring and supporting other students boarding at St Jude’s.

In September 2016, having completed her volunteering program, Seraphina as part of the first cohort of students who participated in the ‘Beyond St Jude’s Program’ headed to the nation’s capital to commence her studies in Science in Agriculture, Economics, Business and Natural Resources at the University of The University of Dar es Salaam.

Seraphina successfully completed her degree and graduated from University at the end of 2019. Congratulations Seraphina!