Project Description

Most people wait until they are rich to build their parents a home – Joseph didn’t. Despite volunteering to teach local high school students full-time during his gap year, Joseph still managed to find time to build his mother a house in their remote village of Karatu.

His community service placement was one of the furthest from The School of St Jude’s campus in Arusha but he made sure he was available whenever the Beyond St Jude’s team needed him, as he was determined to give back in his local community.

Joseph volunteers at Dr Wilbroad SLAA Secondary School, where he became the Physics HOD as well as a maths teacher, educating 244 students.

“(CSY) is the chance to learn more things about life, life’s challenges and professional expectations. We are now good at planning, organising and preparing for lessons… it gives very good life experience,” Joseph said.

Joseph was only at St Jude’s for two years before signing up to do a year of community service, and told us he never thought he would get so much out of it.

Not only did he save his very small stipend to help rebuild his mum’s mud hut, but his brother just started at the government school he is teaching at and Joseph continued to save every penny to pay for his uniform and text books.

The result?  Joseph has taught hundreds of students who wouldn’t have otherwise had a physics HOD, his mother has a place to call her own and his brother has an inspired future.

2016 Highlight

Joseph departed for Dar to start his degree in Chemical and Processing Engineering at the University of Dar es Salaam!

2018 Update

Where do you see yourself after graduation? I see myself as a professional Engineer. The courses, together with the practical training in industries are taking me through towards my profession. I believe that I will be a very competent engineer up to that time and I will be able to compete in job market.

Is there any role/leadership position you have assumed in your university? I’m a class representative, leading 45 students in my class.

What has been your biggest achievement?  Finishing my first year of studies and attending successfully the practical training in industry last year.

2020 November Update

We are very happy to report that Joseph successfully completed his degree and graduated! Congratulations Joseph!