Project Description

CARE Australia is a leading international aid organisation that works around the globe to save lives and defeat poverty.

The NDY Charitable Trust has been supporting CARE through their WASH program since 2017.

For CARE, water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) – or Water+ is about linking what they do in water, sanitation and hygiene with other disciplines.  It is about increasing sustainable and functional WASH services – but also about how their programs can complement other areas and improve lives, through expanding dignity, health or economic possibilities.

The Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Project provides access to clean water through building of toilets and taps in schools and communities at high risk of disease outbreak, educating people about hygiene, and helping women and girls spend less time collecting water.

In doing so, it delivers sustainable facilities and services for boys and girls (and teachers) to drink clean water, use clean private toilets, and have soap and water for washing daily. They advocate for increasing budgets for menstrual materials, soap, water and disposal facilities in girls’ latrines.

The charity also partners with Sexual and Reproductive Health teams to increase infection control facilities such as proper waste disposal and handwashing with soap in health clinics.

With the support of the NDY Charitable Trust, the WASH program has resulted in:

  • Repairing, rehabilitating or building new boreholes in schools and communities to provide clean water to nearly 32,000 people over four years.
  • Training Water Point Committees in the operations, maintenance and monitoring of water supplies.
  • Building and maintaining toilets and handwashing facilities at 39 schools.
  • Supporting school health clubs to promote hygiene messages.
  • Supporting communities to build and use their own toilets instead of defecating in the open.
  • Training and equipping toilet builders and village pump mechanics.
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