After many years of dedication to her studies and with your support, Seraphina has graduated from university!

Seraphina graduated on the 16 November 2019 from the University of Dar es Salaam with Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, Economics, Business and Natural Resources.

Seraphina is one of the first group of St Jude’s graduates in the Beyond St Jude’s program to have achieved this huge milestone. Thanks to your generous support, Seraphina and 23 of her peers are now on their way to becoming the change-makers their communities and country needs.

You have watched Seraphina grow into a young adult who will lead the way to a new future for Tanzania. On her graduation day we watched proudly as Seraphina celebrated the conclusion of her higher education.

Completing higher education is a milestone in the life of any young adult, and here in Tanzania it is an achievement attained by too few young people. Together with hard work and the opportunities you have helped make possible, Seraphina has accomplished so much during her time at St Jude’s and in the Beyond St Jude’s program.

At their graduation from higher education, 80 per cent of St Jude’s alumni would not pass the entrance criteria for living in poverty. Over half of St Jude’s alumni’s families significantly improve their financial and housing conditions during the time their child is at St Jude’s. You have changed the future prospects of a whole family and their community!

As you can see, together we have been fighting poverty through education.

The whole St Jude’s community wishes to extend a heartfelt thank you to you as it is only due to the extraordinary generosity of sponsors like you that we can fulfill our vision of educating the future leaders of Tanzania.