When we talk about supporting communities in need, we often turn our heads to the human population impacted by world events, climate change or the needs of developing nations.

But there are other creatures on our big, beautiful planet that are also in need.

Members of our Melbourne team recently volunteered at the Port Phillip EcoCentre Inc., putting their woodworking skills to the test by building insect hotels for native bees and insects.

There are over 1,500 species of Australian pollinating native bees and insects that don’t live in hives, but instead nest and lay their eggs in hollow logs, twigs or cracks in walls. Urbanisation, development and use of pesticides has led to conditions that make it significantly more challenging for bees and insects to nest, so the insect hotel structure creates shelter for them to lay their eggs by using recycled and natural materials such as bamboo, untreated timber, bricks and clay.

Whilst the team at Norman Disney & Young is expert in designing buildings that consider the health and wellbeing of humans, insect hotels were a welcome new challenge! If bees and insects could use the internet, we’re sure they’d be leaving these hotels 5 Star Google reviews.