About Us

The NDY Trust supports charities that provide on-the-ground assistance to communities and make a real difference in improving people’s lives. The Trust, which is funded mainly by contributions from NDY’s operating companies and NDY staff, provides financial support to selected eligible charities. 

The Trust may also provide one time grant support to organisations looking for immediate disaster aid but directs most of its funding towards those charities which improve the lives of communities in a meaningful way.

NDY Trust holds Deductible Gift Recipient Status (DGR) and provides the NDY Group with a vehicle for staff to donate to the fund personally or via fund raising activities, including a facility for contributions to be debited from salary.



The NDY Trust was established by NDY Charities Ltd and has a DGR (deductible gift recipient) status. Donations from the Trust must also be to DGR registered charities or entities.

The Trust is established as a separate structure and has its own Board and Management Committee. The Board and Committee members receive no remuneration for their work with the Trust. Members of the Committee include: 

  • Sam Aloi – (Chairperson)
  • Darrel Williams – Board Nominee
  • Jean Lewis – Board Nominee
  • Ric Navarro – Communications & Marketing
  • Rhian Chapman – Head Office representative
  • Kim Featherston – Sydney representative
  • Joel Voight – Melbourne representative
  • Rosie O'Donoghue - Corporate representative
  • John McIntosh – Brisbane representative
  • Peta Earley – Perth representative
  • Lucy Stevenson – Canberra representative
  • Wail Ragai – Adelaide representative
  • Arif Zaher – Auckland representative
  • Kai Khaw – Wellington representative
  • Drew Roche – London representative
  • Chenille Rose Montealto – Manila representative
  • Jonathan Cannata – Vancouver reprsentative.